We all know that the foods we eat have direct impact on our health. Now this impact could a be positive one leading to good health and wellness, as it could be a negative and associated with health complications, disorders and diseases…

So a good diet must include all healthy foods in order to provide the body all the nutrients! But now what “healthy eating” means? Is a “healthy eating” means to be skinny? Is it really healthy? What are healthy foods? Is healthy eating means to live on blueberries, yogurt, oatmeal and veggies? What about burgers? A really mouthwatering one? Is that really allowed?

Diet is often related to weight loss which is not so true. A diet is simply the food we ingest in a period of time and it varies between countries. It’s a part of our lifestyle, culture and affects our energy, health and longevity. In terms of weight management, a diet is given to someone to lose, gain or maintain a weight!

Now let’s get back to our subject: the balanced diet! When someone wants to lose, gain or maintain his weight the diet program given to him must be BALANCED which means no starvation is allowed, we need energy to live people! We need to work, we have lots of things to do each day… Nutrition is important, it’s an art of eating, enjoying food and investing in our health. It shouldn’t be a punishment.

At the same time our stomach is not a trash can. This is an important thing to learn. I’m speaking here about your health in other terms what should matters to you the most, it’s your life, you decide wheter you want to live it on cholesterol and diabetes drugs or to enjoy it in a healthy fresh way. Not to mention that risk of chronic diseases such as diabetes decreases with a healthy lifestyle.

A healthy lifestyle is about eating your breakfast, your fruits and veggies and also cooking and eating at home: healthy homemade meals are everything! Stay hydrated, workout and definitely enjoying cheat meals because nothing is unhealthy in a balanced diet.

Eating a burger on the weekend won’t make you fat, but eating junk food everyday will do! Nobody will stick to a strict and low caloric diet his entire life, at the end you’ll eat this burger and at this time one cheat meal will do nothing and you’ll start with weight gaining issues and lack of control!

This is it guys you should learn the difference! Diet is not about deprivation, it’s about moderation and good nutrition 🙂

Lama Francis