We all love to go out and enjoy a dinner with family or friends, but we don’t want to ruin our diet. So what’s the solution? To stay at home? Of course not, you go out and have fun. Here’s some healthy restaurants in Lebanon, where you can order plenty of yumee dishes and yet keep on track with your diet.



bar-tartineThis is an ultimate recommended place to visit.You’ll love the whole experience. Go there, sit outdoors, and have your breakfast in their garden. My all-time favourite breakfast is: “morning sunshine”. Not to forget the “faluche zaatar with labneh”; if you’re craving for mankouche this one will serve you well. We can’t go to bartartine and not try the salads, yes the salads, and trust me they are different from the ones you know and bored of. Try the “kale and quinoa celebration” and thank me later.At bartartine you can literally order almost every item on the menu and stay on your healthy track yet enjoy the amazing taste.

Al Mandaloun Cafe

al-mandaloun-cafeA cozy place to enjoy, from the lovely environment, the amazing service to the varieties of food cuisines. Are you in the mood for some sushi? You can order up to 15 sushi bites. Or an italian pizza to devour without guilt? Go for “margherita” and maybe you’ll love to share it with a salad. Or I think you’ll love to do your own salad from the bar? Mandaloun is the place to be. Not to forget his amazing yet healthy sandwiches, as my favourite: “chicken ciabatta”. Try this one!

Casper And Gambini’s

casper-and-gambiniA friendly atmosphere where you can find all in good taste. And yes I mean all in good taste. During cold days, we can’t go there and not have the delicious and healthy soups. Go for soups soups and soups, they’re amazing, order yours and warm up. And sure the unique salad bar: i love the options that you can not find but at casper and gambinis, such as the grilled chicken! And please the “pain perdu” there is to die for! I know we’re talking healthy, but a mouthwatering pain perdu to share will not hurt anyone.

These are my favourite ones so far, so from now on, pick one of these three restaurants and enjoy your meal.

Healthiness Of These 3 Restaurants In Town
77%Feel free to give your own rating here below
Al Mandaloun Cafe75%
Casper & Gambini71%
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