For many people quinoa is a new food, although quinoa has been since forever: it’s an ancient grain. But what’s so good about quinoa?


First of all, quinoa can rapidly be cooked. And this is a very important point now days, due to our fast lifestyle and the lack of time to cook and eat healthy food. So no more excuses! You can cook some quinoa, add some vegetables, lemon juice and olive oil et “voilà” your healthy meal is ready.

We all know that proteins are made of amino acids, and quinoa is loaded with proteins: essential amino acids, that your body really needs to survive, and this is rare when considering a plant based food. Because, only animal based food contains essential amino acids such as meat, but quinoa holds a great amount of proteins that contradictory of what you used to hear: you can get essential amino acids from plant based food. Now you can!

Third, quinoa is high in fibers, this can helps in regulating your blood glucose and your blood cholesterol levels. Also, it helps in treating constipation, and the important thing, after eating quinoa you’ll be well sated due to the fibers.

Furthermore, quinoa is packed with several vitamins and mineralssuch as vitamin A, E, B, folate, calcium, phosphorous, magnesium, iron and zinc. Plus, it’s a gluten free grain so if you suffer from digestive problems you can now enjoy adding some quinoa to your diet!

In conclusion, quinoa is a powerful grain due to its content: essential amino acids, great amount of fibers, vitamins and minerals. So what are you waiting for, put on 2 cups of water in you saucepan, add 1 cup of quinoa, wait 15 – 20 minutes and enjoy your fluffy quinoa today.