“Yoga is not to be performed yoga is to be lived!”

For those who think Yoga is not a real workout but it’s a simple stretching, you’re thinking absolutely wrong. As a clinical dietitian and health blogger I will tell you today why Yoga is amazing and what are its health benefits. First of all, Yoga is a way of living that aims towards healthy mind and healthy body. How?

  • A clear mind is everything! If you’re living a stressful life and at the same time following a diet plan to lose weight, trust me it won’t happen! And I see lots of similar cases at the clinic. It’s all in your mind people! Yoga helps you to clear and detoxify your mind, it reduces stress and tension in the body by working on the nervous system and muscles relaxation, so you’ll feel more calmer!
  • Personal power at its best! Need to boost your inner energy? Yoga is the answer. It removes negative blocks from you mind letting your inner radiance shine! This will positively influence on your work, eating habits, sleep, family, friends…
  • Focus magic! Yoga is very important for children and researchers are catching on to yoga’s health benefits for kids! Yoga increases focus and attention capacity, so you’ll perform better at school, university or at work and you’ll be more able to solve any problem you’re facing. Also regular yoga practice will boost up your memory and focus!
  • WEIGHT LOSS (I know you’re waiting for this one)! Want to lose weight? Get rid of belly fat and at the same time get a toned body? START YOGA NOW! When it comes to boosting the metabolism, eliminating the toxins and reducing body fat yoga is the answer!