Eating healthy and clean will not only affects your body weight positively but certainly your skin!

Due to their anti-inflammatory properties and richness, healthy fats help prevent skin diseases such as acne and help maintain hydrated soft skin!

What are the best healthy fats to eat for your skin?

  • AVOCADO: Packed with vitamin E and C, avocados will nourish perfectly your skin.
  • SUNFLOWER SEEDS: An excellent source of linoleic acid, sunflower seeds will keep your skin flexible and very well hydrated, no more dry skin!
  • SALMON: A great source of omega-3, salmon will keep your skin moisturized and will prevent acne, so if you’re suffering from acne it’s time to add more salmon to your diet.
  • WALNUTS: Rich in essential fatty acids that your body cannot make itself, walnuts will keep your skin clean and super healthy. It will act as barrier for bacteria. “Yes this is mazing, I know!”