Aim against childhood obesity and help your kids to live a healthy lifestyle so they will turn to be healthy adults in the future! You can move towards a healthier living by even changing in the smallest things as some tricks to do in your kids lunch box.

So, here are some TIPS you can do:

  • Avoid ready to eat cakes and biscuits and go for homemade desserts so you can control the sugar content, it’s much healthier!
  • Replace chocolate bars with cereals bars or even teach your child to get used to dark chocolate taste.
  • Stay away from fruit juices and replace them with fresh fruits.
  • Don’t add to much carbohydrates into the lunch box as bread, toast, biscuits, cereals… It’s better to create a balance in the carbohydrates quantity as for proteins and healthy fats!

Now if you think it’s confusing and hard to prepare an everyday healthy lunch box, check my tips below! Do it this way and thank me later!

  • First of all: dairy product, a yogurt or milk you can choose plain or flavored.
  • A sandwich: Carbs and proteins as a ham and cheese sandwich, labneh sandwich…
  • Vegetables: this is very important, teach your kids to eat vegetables with their sandwich.
  • Now the favorite part: Sugar! Choose healthy options as corn flakes, cereal bars, oat biscuits…
  • Fresh up their mind with some fresh fruits..