Too good to be true? Let’s find the answer!

DNA testing helps in determining the nutritional requirements of an individual based on their genetic makeup, so it’s super accurate, individualized and effective because of our different genotypes.

DNA screening helps in understanding carbohydrate, fat and protein metabolisms in order to know their exact reactions in our bodies and what are their effects when it comes to weight loss. “Does chocolate makes me fat or I can enjoy as much as I want for real?!”.

It also helps in analyzing which is the best diet type for each one of us: GENETICALLY SPEAKING! By this no more obstacles can overcome a weight loss diet plan.

Having acces to our DNA sequence permits to know the metabolisms of gluten, alcohol, lactose and caffeine so if your body does not tolerate lactose, simply don’t add it to your diet, nobody wants a lazy metabolism!

Last but not least this test helps in finding if the body is prone to water retention, which is weight loss first enemy!

Genetic testing is quiet interesting, there are many more things that our genes can influence (Vitamin D, Potassium…) find them out by doing the test! It’s the right way to get optimal diet plan.

How it is done? A cotton swab is used to collect a sample of cells from the inside surface of the cheek. “Very easy to do!”

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