When we talk “healthy foods” we talk “seeds” as chia seeds, known as the healthiest food among the planet, why? Let us discover together.


  • First of all, chia seeds are loaded with omega-3: one serving of chia seeds contains more omega-3 than one serving of salmon. But keep in your mind that animal source of omega-3 as fish are well better absorbed compared to plant based omega-3 foods. What do to? Mix them together: add some chia seeds to your grilled salmon.


  • Second, consuming chia seeds will have a positive effect on your bone health. For their richness in phosphorous, magnesium and calcium. For people that do not include 2 – 3 servings of dairies a day in their diet, adding chia seeds to your foods will help. And now for people that do like dairies, I encourage you to also add some chia sprinkles to your cup of yogurt with berries, it goes really well.


  • Third, chia seeds are an excellent source of dietary fibers and fibers are well know for there weight control effect and fullfilling state. Plus, fibers will slow down the sugar absorption which make chia seeds an amazing food for diabetics.


Are you wondering how to incorporate 40g of it to your diet? It’s very simple and I’ll help you. You can easily add it raw to your yogurt cup, fruits bowl and oat porridge. Or you can put some chia love to your baking goods!