Almonds are loaded with lots of nutrients and because of that they make a great snack during anytime of the day.

Now what are the health benefits of these beloved nuts?

  1. Heart health: Almonds contain good fat which can promote cholesterol reduction in the blood, therefore boosting heart health.
  2. Satiety: Due to their richness in proteins and fibers, almonds are known to increase satiety so you’ll feel more full. Great news no?
  3. Weight loss: Almonds are weight loss friendly foods! Snacking on almonds as part of a healthy lifestyle can boost metabolism.
  4. Blood pressure control: Almonds contain high amount of Magnesium and this may help in lowering blood pressure and decreasing the risk of blood vessels related problems.
  5. Detox: The skin of almonds is packed with antioxidants which certainly has a detox and anti-aging effect on the body.

Now it’s time to enjoy a handful of almonds!