Get Lean & Build Muscles | Starting 100$

Do you practice a lot and don’t know what and when to eat? You’re just one step away of being super fit, choose this package and let the fitness journey begin!

Available plan:
1st time consultation and 2 follow ups within 4 – 5 weeks = 100$

(Diet plan, daily motivation, healthy recipes, workout shakes recipes, unlimited emails)

Weight History:

Maximum weight, minimum weight, previous diet and dietitians visits.

Physical activity and exercices:

Do you workout? (YES/NO) How many times per week?

Personal History:

 Heart Disease Hypertension Diabetes High Cholesterol Levels Cancer Renal Disease Thyroid Disorders Constipation Bloating Other

Medications intake (Name, dosage, time) and/or Vitamins and herbal supplements intake:

List of foods you dislike:

Do you crave certain foods?

Dental health:

To what extent will you commit to achieve better health?

 Little Moderate Major Extreme

Is there anything else about either your history or your current condition that you feel is important to mention?

Please tell us your eating habits in a typical day (breakfast, snacks, lunch, dinner)


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